There is a day in every life when you have to decide…

… whether you are going to let the rocks in your path slow you down or…

... whether you are going to embrace the impact of the biggest boulder and soar beyond your wildest dreams!




It’s all about how you see it.

Isn’t it time to unleash your true potential and to release the true champion within?

Are YOU ready to soar


and finally become I’m Possible?

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There is a day in every life when you have to decide…

…whether you are going to let the rocks in your path slow you down or…

…whether you are going to embrace the impact of the biggest boulder and soar beyond your wildest dreams!

It’s all about how you see it.

Isn’t it time to unleash your true potential and to release the true champion within?

Are YOU ready to soar

and finally become I’m Possible?

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How we tell our own stories defines how we live our lives… It also determines whether we become our own worst enemy or our greatest ally…

A Message From Meridith:

I’m Meridith Alexander. On February 19th, a boulder fell from a mountain in Colombia and struck my youngest daughter, severely crushing her skull, fracturing her spine, shoulder blades, right thigh and left ankle. Seemingly out of nowhere, my precious child was suddenly fighting for her life. One would think that this would have been one of the deepest darkest times in my lifetime. Instead, this became the moment when I realized that our most powerful challenges can become the greatest gifts of our lifetimes.

Moving through this journey, I could either succumb to the apparent “reality” of events or I could choose to create my OWN destiny by embracing the power within. What transpired was a string of “miracles” where anything that could have gone well went even better. This site’s mission is to “give back” by sharing some of the “secrets” of what this journey revealed to me— how I turned these challenges into some of my life’s greatest blessings. Whether you want to “supersize” your financial, professional or personal success, it all starts with an empowered mindset. I call it “the Mind of a Champion.” Whether you have huge boulders or NO obvious boulders in your life, you can do more, have more and BE MORE when you learn to program yourself for success. My purpose with this web site is to teach you this “Art of Programming Your Mind for Joy and Success”— this mindset that lead me to such a powerful place in my journey with my sweet Schuyler and in my life in general.


I truly believe that we all want to be successful and happy. We may dream of thriving financially or of creating the ideal family with the ideal partner or living each day in complete joy and enthusiasm…! In other cases, our “dream” may be trying to simply overcome a big “hit” in our lives. Our desires vary but we all deeply want SOMETHING…And then we encounter those obstacles or perceived “realities” that often make those dreams feel potentially unrealistic and out of reach…

The SUCCESSFUL MIND understands and appreciates the process called LIFE by learning to celebrate and honor Life’s challenges with the same enthusiasm that it celebrates the victories. Success is waking up in the morning, excited to see what the day will bring. Success is learning to genuinely trust yourself and to trust that you are on the “right” path no matter what. The successful mind harnesses the immense power of Joy— and knows where to find that Joy. Success is when you stop being “your own worst enemy” in favor of becoming your most empowering ally.

Whether you want more success in business, relationships or in your daily life, it is critical that you understand the tremendous power of your mindset and your underlying system of beliefs. As my journey through my daughter’s recovery progressed, I realized how few people really understood not simply the importance of one’s expectations but that we train our minds to either empower us or to hinder us. We develop habits of thought that we mistake for reality. Unless we train ourselves differently, we do typically become our own worst enemy. So I began to wonder what I could do about this? How could I help my “global family” to identify the thoughts that do not serve them and replace them with thoughts that catapult them towards their own version of exceptional success?

What evolved is called “Embrace Your Boulder – How to Achieve Unstoppable Success by Learning the Secrets of a Champion Mindset”. These are concepts, processes and exercises that have changed my life. I believe that they will transform your life as well if you will give them a chance.


Learn how to free yourself from the belief that Happiness is contingent on specific conditions.


Learn how each and every one of your life’s events makes you so PERFECTLY YOU!


Learn to assess your “limitations” with the mindset of a champion.


By understanding the creative process of Life, you will learn to relax more during times of change and resistance.


The “EMBRACE YOUR BOLDER” subscription series is a journey into self-empowerment. You will learn:

  • How to identify and pivot the thoughts and stories that do not serve you.
  • How to re-program your thoughts and expectation habits toward thoughts that will champion you toward your personal and financial goals.
  • How to appreciate the value of the “boulders” that fall along the way and to use them as “rocket fuel” going forward.
  • How to “10X” your expectation of success and catapult your daily joy to ever expanding new levels.
  • How to thrive in the face of adversity and emerge empowered.

The “EMBRACE YOUR BOLDER” subscription series features:

  • Weekly newsletters sharing techniques, processes and insights that will transform your thought habits into those of a Champion.
  • Videos, webinars and podcasts featuring myself and other successful people where we share our “secrets” so that you too can find your Joy and Success!
  • Special discounts on group coaching, live seminars, special courses, book sales, spa retreats, Joy Journeys Abroad and the Ultimate Joy Fest.
  • And more surprises yet to come…!


We ALL have the ability to live a life that we absolutely LOVE! So now, I invite you to be willing to create a life of what others will call MIRACLES! I invite you to be all that is powerfully and uniquely YOU. Let nothing stop you. Let nothing bring you down. Yes, boulders may try to crush you— but It is precisely those huge boulders of Life that make you who you are. It is the boulders in your life that make you mighty. It is the force of your boulders that will empower you to create a tsunami of change in the world and in your own life. Let your boulders transform you into a “bolder” version of the current you. YOU are POWERFUL. You ARE a champion. It is time to let yourself off the hook and become a champion of all that is the amazing YOU. Embrace your boulders because they too are a critical part of your path. YOU truly ARE POSSIBLE! And when looking at this tiny planet through the eyes of a champion, there is an amazing future ahead. Isn’t it time to unleash the biggest version of yourself and to experience a truly empowered life? I hope that your answer is yes. 


Isn’t our own success made all the mightier when we can at the same time serve others? So, yes, we are not stopping here. A portion of every single subscription will be donated to that tiny regional hospital in Colombia that made the difference in our family’s story. Their version of an ICU was a room smaller than most US high school gymnasiums with patients separated only by curtains— and yet they achieved the “impossible”. With limited resources, they demanded miracles. And it was miracles that we all received. Our dollars go unbelievably far in their country so each “small” donation can make a HUGE difference. If you are ready to transform your own life while powerfully impacting the lives of others, we invite you to take this leap. Embrace your boulder. Or better yet, get the “u”/you out of the way and EMBRACE YOUR BOLDER.Once you get out of your own way, you truly CAN live that happier bolder version of YOU! As my mentor Robert Riopel would say, “why settle for a ripple from a pebble when you can be part of a tsunami of change?” Join us now!


Why the Law of Attraction and/or affirmations may not seem to be working for you…


What if the “stumble” is actually the most important part of the victory dance?


If your perception about yourself and your life isn’t contributing to your success then you are wasting precious time arguing for your limitations.


“Joie de Vivre” is one of my favorite phrases in the world! It conveys the exquisite potential for joy simply from living each second of your existence mindfully. It implies living fully engaged in the moment and living with passion! There are no disclaimers— nothing that says that all of those “life ducks” must be all in a row. Nothing that states that you must be a millionaire, a super model or able to navigate an entire century without a “stumble”. Joy is actually a form of power. We pursue it. We try to purchase it. We try to capture it. We try to find it. We try to figure it out. We try to “keep” it. We try to define it. We even try to package it and sell it. Joy is precious. We instinctively know this. So why do we have so much trouble genuinely feeling it? I can tell you that each and every day during Schuyler’s recovery, we both feel joy. We laugh. We actually have fun! And when we’re having fun, we see amazing results— things that many call “miracles”. One secret? Our joy is not contingent on being AT our “destination”. Our joy is built into the surprise and the delight that is our story along the way. It all comes back to learning how to “process” your life… How to define who you are… and more importantly who you really ARE… There are many, many thoughts and beliefs that we all have let define us. At some point, it is time to clean house and to release those thoughts /beliefs that do not lead us toward our own personal “Super Bowl”. I hope that for you the time is now.

I had the pleasure of being in the audience when Meridith shared her story. She was so inspiring and hopeful. Her presence and love are giving. I can’t wait to learn more from her.

05Stephanie Desnoyers

Ottawa, ON

Meridith, it has been a real treat seeing your energy on stage! The moment you shared your story of the boulder I knew and felt this message would bring me a great/big impact! I will take any new big boulder on my path as a gift to grow. A gift that will make me stronger to jump to the next higher level and stay there till the next opportunity.

05Mervyn Fransen

The Netherlands

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A portion of every subscription goes directly to Hospital Manuela Beltran in Soccorro Colombia.

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In order to succeed at ANYTHING, you must think like a champion about EVERYTHING.

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